Artists statement

Jane Williams works from a converted dairy on her fathers farm in South Meirionydd. She works on the wheel to produce both functional and sculptural home wares. Her influences are varied and broad ranging. The colours that decorate her pots are from the countryside which surrounds her (the magnificent Snowdonia peaks, the ever changing sea and bountiful sea shore) She is also hugely inspired by her love of vintage fabrics (in particular the 1950’s) and is fascinated by patterns in the natural world (from jellyfish and shells to beetles, kiwi fruit and slime moulds)

From 2016 Janes work was primarily influenced by the sea shore. 'By the wind sailors' shells, sea weed formations and swirling waves appearing on her pottery. Her new work is decorated with ferns and navel wort. The life that grows between the hard granite rocks of the dry stone walls that surround her workshop.

She is also producing a range of decorative wall platters, inspired by the Sixteenth Century scientist potter Bernard Palissy (1510- 1586)

Jane reached the semi-final in the first series of BBC 2’s ‘Great Pottery Throw Down.’  (2015)

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