• Lost and Found (Thrown and altered bottle forms)

    My first proper experiment with a Raku firing. I took part in a raku firing hosted by Coleg Harlech and Geoff Bond (I think it was about 2006?)

  • Lost and Found (Thrown and altered bottle forms)

    Surface detail.

  • Lost and Found (Thrown and altered bottle forms)

    Surface detail.

I've bin firing......

Aug. 22, 2012

Sawdust firing in Dolgellau!!

Taking part in The Reaching Heights project with Tim Pugh, Jeremy Watkins, Nerys Rowse and John Preston we decided to fire up a sawdust bin firing...... photo's to follow!!

You see.... I've bin firing (ha ha ha)
Loading metal bin with sawdust, pots and kindling.

  • The pots (thrown forms and some little textural disk thingies)

    Shapes thrown quickly using a heavily grogged clay (crank clay)

  • Pots in kiln/ bin.

  • Adding the sawdust.

  • Emptying the bin.

    Hottest lucky dip ever!

  • Sweet as a nut.

    More photographs to follow (see what Jane can do with a soft cloth and tin of shoe polish!)

  • Jellyfish form.

    Decided to make a weird black jellyfish to hang from the wall (maybe with dangling birds??)

These are the results of the Dolgellau bin firing. The white inlay effect is achieved with Briwax and shoe polish (and elbow grease)

Aug. 25, 2012

Bin firing reported in Dyffryn Ardudwy....... Family fun goes up in smoke!!

The Williams family make, break and shake up the clay world with a collaborative art project ending in a family firing ..... Photo's to follow!!!!!

Jane and Tommy bedding the kindling ready for the awesome sawdust firing.

  • Bens heads.

  • Tommys tractor.

  • Evies bird.

Getting ready to be fired.

  • Filling the bin with lots of very dry wood.

  • "There she blows!"

  • Flaming bin!