• Mad blue birds (2002)

    The beginning of the bird!!

  • Birds with purpose (2004) Tallest 200mm

    .....And then there were pillars, plinths and purpose (candle holders)

  • Mad (bad) birds!!

    The three ages of bird.....

    (Not forgetting the chicken pot/ duck whistle/ bird shadow... so many birds!!)

Mad Bird (2012)
Birds are approx 80mm in length. They are decorated with spots and stripes, coloured beaks, beads and ribbon. Each one is different!

(Detail of) Migrating flock- heading north to Harlech for the winter.

Impressed spots and stripes detail.

  • Barmy blue beaked bird.

  • Yellow beaked bonkers bird.

  • Red beaked silly bird.

Three scruffy black birds- They bin fired! (August 2012)

Sep. 8, 2012

Coming soon......On location with mad birds.

Beach, field, mountain, woodland and shelf. Where will those crazy birds turn up next?